We offer outdoor recreational sports such as climbing, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, camping and ice skating for students in Stockholm. The club consists of a mix of international and Swedish students, who all have a love for the outdoors in common. KTHOC leads adventure trips throughout the semester for both beginners and experts! Additionally, we have equipment for rent to students and the public.

Autumn Semester

From now on it is possible to sign up as a member for the autumn semester. We hope to welcome (back) loads of students for an awesome time outdoors! Events might look a bit different from usual during this period due to the corona virus. For example we can’t have any events for all members at the same time, and gear sharing is no longer possible. However, we will do our best to maximise the fun with the freedom we do have in a safe way! If you want to contribute, you might want to think about joining the board (email us!) or the Event Organising Committee. The latter you can do by joining one of the EOC meetings, where we discuss what events we will organise and you can volunteer to contribute or even take the lead!

So to wrap up:

  • Go to the ‘become a member‘ page to sign up for the club if you haven’t done so already.
  • Email info@kthoutdoorclub.seif you are interested in joining the board.
  • Join an EOC meeting (announced on Facebook) to get some events going!