Are you as exited as we are for some outdoor fun with (potential) friends? Then join KTHOC now! Membership has many benefits – from free participation in some events to reduced gear rental prices, and access to member-only activities. Students from any university in Stockholm, as well as KTH alumni and faculty can all become club members. Read below to learn about the membership prices and fill in our registration form!

Membership Fees

A membership lasts one semester (autumn semester). The costs depend a bit on your situation:

  • THS member: 150 SEK
  • Student but not THS member: 180 SEK
  • Alumni and KTH staff: 200 SEK

3 Simple Steps

In order to become a member, you will need to follow the following 3 steps:

  1. Sign up!
    You can do this with the sign up form below.
  2. Pay the fee
    The fee can be paid using either PayPal or bank transfer:
    Paypal: (+10 SEK)
    Follow this link and pay the amount that applies to your situation, plus 10 SEK for transfer costs:
    Bank Transfer:
    Make sure to mention your name (that you also use on Facebook), and ‘membership’ in the description. If it does’t all fit, prioritise your (last) name!
    Swedish bank account: 5267 11 563 83
    IBAN: SE03 5000 0000 0526 7115 6383
  3. Join the Facebook group!
    This is where the magic happens: the member group on Facebook enables you to get access to exclusive information for members and gives you the priority to sign up for events before non-members.
    Follow this link!

Please open the link below with Android mobile or Google Chrome browser on computer.