Join the club!

Are you as exited as we are for some outdoor fun? Then join KTHOC now! Members have many benefits – from free participation in some events to reduced gear rental prices, and access to member-only activities. Students from any university, as well as KTH Alumni and faculty can become members. Read below to learn about the membership prices and fill in our registration form!

Membership Fees

A membership lasts until the end of the current academic semester. The price depends on your situation:

  • THS-Member: 150 SEK
  • Non-THS-Member or Student at other Swedish university: 180 SEK
  • KTH Alumni or faculty: 200 SEK

Become a Member

In order to become a member, you need to follow the steps outlined below

  • Fill out the sign-up form
    You can find the form below. Be aware that it has two pages.
  • Pay the membership fee
    The fee can be paid using either PayPal or Bank Transfer. The process will be outlined on the second page of the form. If you would like to know it beforehand, you can also find it in the FAQ below. Please remember to press “Submit” on the second page!
  • Join the Facebook group (recommended)
    We are currently transitioning from using a private Facebook group for event sign-ups to a WhatsApp community. If you state your WhatsApp number in the form below, we will add you to the community. Additionally, we also recommend you to join our Facebook group, as it will serve as a backup channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I pay the membership fee or for events?
A: You can pay either via bank transfer or Paypal. Please transfer the correct amount and mention your FULL NAME and “membership” (or the respective event name) in the message. If you don’t have enough space in the message, prioritise your (last) name.
Make sure to use “For friends and family”.
Here is the procedure for paying by Paypal.
Bank Transfer
Swedish bank account: 5267 11 563 83
IBAN: SE03 5000 0000 0526 7115 6383

Q: I have filled in the form and paid the membership fee over a week ago. Why am I not accepted to the Facebook group or added to the WhatsApp community?
A: Some common reasons for this are that the submission of the form has failed or that you haven’t attached the proof of payment to your application. The easiest way to solve this issue is to contact our Facebook account. That way we’ll be able to help you as fast as possible.

Q: Do I need a WhatsApp or Facebook account to join the club?
A: Yes. Sign-up links for events and other important information for members are only published in the WhatsApp community and private Facebook group. We are currently transitioning from using Facebook to WhatsApp, so we will post to both channels for the time being.

Q: I have paid the fee. Why have I been kicked out of the Facebook group / WhatsApp community?
A: The membership is per academic semester. If you are kicked out at the beginning of a semester, it means your membership has expired and you’ll have to sign up again to continue your membership.

Q: I applied to the club several months ago, but I haven’t been accepted. Can I get my money back?
A: If there is a problem with the registration or membership, you have to contact the club after which we’ll gladly help to resolve whatever issue you have. However, the fee will not be returned if you have not contacted us within a month of your application.