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Discount for Kayaking

The days are getting longer and the flowers are blooming. Clear signs that spring has arrived in Sweden. And with spring comes the kayaking season that we all have been waiting for!

As you might know, we have a great cooperation deal with the kayak rental Get Out Kayak. As a member of the Outdoor Club, you get a 30% discount on all rentals (except during July). Just use the code KTHOC2023 when booking. And if you organise a kayaking trip through the club, we can subsidise the rental costs even more, plus you get free gear like tents, sleeping bags, and cooking sets. Contact us if you are interested.


We welcome every one of our members to organize events!

To make events efficient, safe and FUN, here’s the event schematic(2023) for event organizers.


Trips can range from short hikes to multi-month adventures, on well-marked paths or using a map and compass to determine the route, during day time or night hikes!  You can trek in any biome/climate and at every difficulty level from the most difficult mountaineering routes over glaciers with specialized equipment to a day trek with friends in the woods of Stockholm.

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Made by Bolina, April 2022, Gotland


It’s is like hiking, but with a kayak. A kayak is a low-to-the-water, canoe-like boat in which the paddler sits facing forward, legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then the other in rotation.

Our kayaking event is usually held from late spring to autumn, due to the climate of Stockholm.

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Disc golf is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target, using rules similar to golf.

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Don’t feel like travelling long distances? A bonfire party in the forest is an excellent choice. With KTH outdoor club, we can go to the bonfire spot as close as Norra Djurgården, also travel to further places for better scenery. There are various kinds of food: stickbread, marshmallow or even cray fish!

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Bouldering is climbing without a rope, usually on short rocks or boulders, with a mat called a “crash pad” below you. We tend to boulder outdoors only March through early November, although exceptions can be made depending on the weather.

Bouldering is also one of the easiest sports to try in the climbing gyms, requiring no certifications, climbing partners, and no other equipment than a pair of climbing shoes. There is usually a weekly bouldering event for club members in Klätterverket Gasverket.

Shoot by Mochen, Oct, 2022


Except for winter, Stockholm is a perfect place to ride a bike. Travelling at the speed about 20km/h, you can glancing through the farm with vast grassland, goats hidden behind rocks, calm and seductive sea…

It’s okay if you don’t have a bike with you, for we can help you rent it from bike shops with reasonable price and professional gears!


Near KTH main campus, at Stadion, there is an ice skating rink in winter months. And there are some lakes that are also relatively safe to skate during winter. Imagine a vast lake, and you skate without care among small islands. Isn’t a moment of freedom?

Made by Bolina, Feb 2023, Nacka
Made by Yawen, April 2023, KTH


Slacking is one of the very popular outdoor games. It’s funny to try to keep balance walking on a very thin line.

Slacking is very easy to organize and join and very suitable for some friends to enjoy the relaxing time on sunny weekends.


Caving involves the exploration of cave systems.  Caves involve various terrains such as underground rivers, boulders, and crawlways and are often pitch black. Some caves in parts of the world have vertical entrances one must rappel into with equipment similar to rock climbing gear, climbing out with aid climbing gear on the ropes. In Sweden, most of our caves are fairly short and in granite, especially in the Stockholm area. Some limestone caves exist such as that of Lummelunda on Gotland.

Skiing and other winter sports

There are numerous winter sport activities available, particularly in the north of Sweden, for those interested. We help arrange trips among our members and have a few pieces of equipment for rent for winter activities. Near KTH main campus, at Stadion, there is a skiing track and behind Stadion there is an ice skating rink in winter months. At hammarbybacken, just south of Skanstull, a large hill with a ski lift offers skiing and snowboarding within city limits and there are other options available on public transit lines. The best skiing and snowboarding options are of course further north, starting in Dalarna and going north and west towards Norway. Several parks have groomed cross country skiing tracks and monitored natural ice skating on lakes, once temperatures drop. The most notable is Hellasgården, which has both mentioned sports, gear rental, saunas and cabins, a short bus ride away from the green line.


As mentioned, there is always room for new initiatives! We have had movie nights, kayaking, night trail running and much more cool activities that were proposed by our members. So make sure to join the Event Organising Committee to make room for the outdoor sport you are passionate about!